Integrity horse feeds feature a full line from growth, mare and foal, adult, senior, performance and rice bran. All Integrity feeds are formulated as a high fiber, low starch diet with no starch grains. Depending on your horses needs, we have a pelleted, textured or extruded formulas available. Only the best goes into Integrity because your horses deserve it!

Integrity Growth horse feed

* NEW *

Extruded with Teff

For adult maintenance, inactive, retired senior, companion and light pleasure horses. Also suitable for 150 to 250 pound miniature maintenance horses.

low starch Integrity Adult / Senior horse feed


For light to moderate working adult horses, seniors, and active seniors. Available with or without added molasses.

Integrity Lite Horse Feed


For companion, inactive or retired horses, adult and senior horses in light work. Available with or without molasses. Great for minis and ponies.

Integrity Performance horse feed


For adult horses in moderate, heavy, or very heavy work. Ideal for athletic horses for endurance, roping, cutting, polo, jumpers & racing. 

Integrity Growth horse feed


For young horses 10 to 12 months up to 3 years of age. It is also great for mares in months 7 to 8 of pregnancy.

Integrity Mare & Foal horse feed

Mare & Foal

For pregnant mares from month 9 to foaling and lactating mares. Also formulated for  nursing foals from 3 weeks to 1 year.

Integrity with Timothy horse feed


For adult and senior horses over 3 years of age in working pleasure or light to moderate work. Does not contain beet pulp.

Integrity Lite Horse Feed

Rice Bran

For yearlings and older, can be added to any Integrity formula to boost the fat content. Available in meal or nuggets.