Equine Videos by Dr. Bray

Our equine nutritionist, Dr. Robert Bray, discusses in detail some of the most asked questions from our customers. These videos go into depth on topics such as body condition scoring, equine health, and equine nutrition. The information presented is based on Dr. Bray’s extensive experience, research, and applicable scientific data. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, you are also welcome to ask Dr. Bray.

Body Condition Scoring

Is Your Horse Too Fat, Too Thin, Or Just Right? The ability to assess your horse’s body condition is critical. Mastering this scoring system is not only important to establish a satisfactory feeding program but also establishes a standard to measure your success in maintaining your horse’s body weight. Watch these videos to learn how.

Equine Health

Keeping your horse healthy is critical. Learn important health fundamentals for horses such as exercise, forage, feeding, gut health, digestive health, using a weight tape, and more. View these videos to learn more.

Equine Nutrition

Learn what to feed your horse or mini for optimal health. Discover common falsehoods in horse nutrition that you might not be aware of. Also view tips on changing feed, how to read a feed label, and feeding by weight or by volume. Click on these videos to find out more.