Finding The Right Integrity Feed

Classification Life Cycle Stage Integrity Formula
Maintenance Companion, inactive/slightly active adult, retired pleasure/show, aged seniors, “weekend” pleasure Lite
Light Work Light pleasure, pleasure-trail, halter, long-line, horses transitioning to moderate work levels, horses in recovery, working horses during a maintenance interval Lite
Moderate Work Show, equitation, youth competition, hunter on-the-flat, lower level hunter over-fences, lower level endurance, some ranch working-type events, some game horses Adult/Senior
(↑ fat, add Rice Bran)
Intense Work Ranch work, cutting, barrel, roping, competitive show, competitive endurance, competitive hunter over fences, open jumpers, lower level polo, competitive game horses Performance
Adult/Senior with Rice Bran
Timothy with Rice Bran
Heavy Work Racing, elite 3-day eventer, some open jumpers, elite polo Performance
(↑ fat, add Rice Bran)
Growth – Nursing & Weanling Nursing foals – creep feeding as early as 3 weeks of age but not later than 8 weeks of age Weanlings – up to 10 – 12 months of age Mare & Foal
Growth – Yearling Integrity Growth for Yearlings up to 3 years
Integrity Mare & Foal can be fed to yearlings particularly if a pellet feed form is preferred
Mare & Foal
Growth & Training 2 to 4 year-olds in training, conditioning, or long line Growth
Pregnancy, first 6 months Pregnancy, first 6 months Any balanced formula being fed
Pregnancy, 7th & 8th month Pregnant mares – 7th thru 8th month If mare is also worked, feeding levels may be higher Growth
Pregnancy, 9th month transition Pregnant mares – 9th month transition from Integrity Growth to Integrity Mare & Foal
Growth or
Mare & Foal
Pregnancy, 9th month to foaling Pregnant Mares – 9th month to foaling Mare & Foal
Lactation, Early Early Lactation – first 12 weeks after foaling Mare & Foal
Lactation, Late Late Lactation – 12 weeks after foaling to weaning Mare & Foal
or Growth
Lactation, 10 -14 days prior to weaning Prior to weaning Integrity Growth or Integrity Mare & Foal should be gradually transition/replaced with the Integrity product relative to how the mare will be used Lite,
or Timothy