Which Integrity Formula For Working Horses

Integrity has three formulas for working horses, Adult/Senior, Performance, and Timothy. The Lite formulas can also be fed to lightly worked pleasure horses. These formulas are balanced for required nutrients and other dietary components to complement the forage portion of the diet. Integrity Rice Bran, meal and nugget, are fat sources that can be added to any Integrity formula to boost the fat content.

A successful performance feeding program also depends on nutritional management practices such as time of feeding, right combination of feed ingredients and feeding practices with, before, or after forage feeding. For more information, see Feeding for Performance.

Working Categories Types of Work Integrity Feeds
Light light pleasure, pleasure-trail, halter, long-line *Lite

(for additional fat add Rice Bran)

Moderate show, equitation, youth competition, hunter on-the-flat, lower level working hunter over-fences, lower level endurance, some cow working events, some game horses *Adult/Senior

(for additional fat add Rice Bran)

Intense ranch work, cutting, barrel, roping, competitive show, competitive endurance, competitive hunter over fences, open jumpers, lower level polo Performance
with Rice Ban
Heavy racing, elite 3-day eventer, open jumpers, elite polo Performance

(for additional fat add Rice Bran)

Where to Buy

*Available with and without molasses

Integrity Performance Horse Feed


Integrity Performance is a high fat balanced formula (10%) developed for either intense, heavy or some moderate workloads.

  • Primary fat sources are rice bran and canola oil; rice bran is the 2nd ingredient in the formula
  • Adding ½ lb of Integrity Rice Bran to 2 lbs of Integrity Performance increases the fat from 10% to 12.8%
  • The order of feed ingredients is based on the importance of ingredient combination relative to fueling an athlete while minimizing a blood glucose surge. That’s why Integrity Performance’s top four ingredients are beet pulp, rice bran, wheat bran, and oats.
  • Carbohydrate containing ingredients include oats, wheat bran, beet pulp, soy hulls, rice bran, and molasses.
  • Integrity Performance contains only 5% molasses. That’s low by industry standards.
  • Molasses is the 7th ingredient in Integrity Performance compared to the 2nd ingredient in a competitor’s performance formula.

For every 1 lb of Integrity Performance fed, the 5% molasses adds less than 1/3 oz or less than ¾ of a level tablespoon of granulated sugar equivalence

Integrity Adult Senior Horse Feed - Low Starch


Integrity Adult/Senior contains more soluble fiber than Integrity Performance and is ideal for moderate working horses. Beet pulp and soy hulls are first two ingredients. Adult/Senior is also well-suited for those that are worked in hot or humid environments.

  • Also suitable for horses working at light levels that are transitioning to a moderate workload.
  • Modest in fat (7.3%).
  • Adding ½ lb of Integrity Rice Bran to 2 lbs of Integrity Adult/Senior WITHOUT molasses increases fat content from 7.3% to 11%. A good option for intense working horses.
  • Adult/Senior Without Molasses is 6.1% sugars and 5.4% starch—a low starch & sugar formula with less than Integrity Performance and Integrity Timothy.
  • Carbohydrate containing ingredients are beet pulp, soy hulls, rice bran, oats, wheat bran, and molasses.
Integrity Timothy Horse Feed


Integrity Timothy is a pellet form, balanced formula for moderate working horses.

  • Modest in fat (7.25%). Rice bran is the third ingredient and it also contains canola oil.
  • Adding ½ lb of Integrity Rice Bran to 2 lbs of Integrity Timothy increases the fat content from 7.25% to 10.2%. Another good option for intense working horses.
  • Soluble fiber source is soy hulls. Product does not contain beet pulp.
  • Contains no grains (no corn, barley or oats) and utilizes wheat bran as the primary carbohydrate source.
  • Has similar fat, protein, and fiber content as Adult/Senior.
Integrity Lite No Molasses Horse Feed


Integrity Lite is ideal for maintenance and pleasure horses that are lightly worked or infrequently ridden. A good choice for adult horses that are being long-lined during downtime or recovery.

  • Balanced formula that is very low in starch (4.3%) and sugar (5.9%).
  • High fiber (20%). Specifically high in soluble fiber due to the top two ingredients being beet pulp and soy hulls.
  • Contains 6% crude fat; no corn, barley grains, or alfalfa.
  • Adding ½ lb of Integrity Rice Bran to 2 lbs of Integrity Lite Without Molasses increases the fat content from 6.0% to 8.8%.
Integrity Rice Bran Nuggets for Horses

Rice Bran

Integrity Rice Bran is a stabilized rice bran with 21% fat that contains flaxseed oil.

  • Formulated to add additional fat to a balanced diet
  • Balanced for calcium and phosphorus with a 1.2:1 ratio
  • Available in a meal or nugget form
  • Note the benefits of increasing fat levels of Integrity products by adding ½ lb of Integrity Rice Bran to 2 lbs of the respective product