Integrity Lite: Ideal For Winter Feeding

During the winter, most show and pleasure horses are less active and require less energy (fuel) to maintain body weight. Nevertheless, feeding them a balanced formula is still important to ensure they receive required nutrients and other dietary components that will complement the forage portion of their diet.

The first and most abundant ingredient in Integrity Lite is beet pulp, and the second is soy hulls. Beet pulp and soy hulls contain fibers that are readily broken down by the gut’s bacteria. These “soluble fiber” sources nourish the microorganisms that support gut health and promote consistency in how food moves through the digestive system. Keep in mind that fiber is NOT broken down by the enzymes produced by the animal, but is processed by the bacteria that reside in the gut. Fiber, although not a nutrient, is critical to gut health. The importance of a balanced formula that contains high levels of soluble fiber sources during winter feeding should not be underestimated.

As you may recall from an earlier fact sheet, horses drink less water during cooler temperatures. Beet pulp and soy hulls have an affinity for water, which provides added value. Water consumption is critical in moistening the feed during the digestive process; less water translates to slower and less ease of the food content movement. Less gut movement and less water are factors that contribute to severe cold weather colic. Another attribute is that beet pulp and soy hulls, if fed correctly, will contribute to the gut’s movement or contraction. This gut activity during the digestive process generates heat that is used to maintain body temperature, thereby providing warmth during cooler temperatures. Do these fiber sources have a “mystical” influence? No, but they can provide nutritional management value to the overall feeding program.

Attributes and major ingredients of a balanced formula for less active horses include higher fiber, lower fat, modest protein, no grains, balanced for the required minerals and vitamins, and beet pulp and soy hulls.. Ingredients on feed labels are listed in order of quantity, from most to least. Take a look at the first four ingredients on a feed label and it will tell you a lot about the feed quality. Read the labels of the Integrity products and notice that the first two ingredients of several Integrity products are beet pulp and soy hulls. Beet pulp in many other products are third, fourth or further down the listing; not first like Integrity Lite, Integrity Adult/Senior, Integrity Growth and Integrity Performance.

Soluble fiber feed ingredients are an important attribute of the Integrity product line.